What you need to know about Giftme

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to register to use Giftme ?

Yes you do! Follow the easy registrations steps and begin to receive gifts from friends and family


When do I get my gift ?

Your ordered gifts are converted into cash and sent to you 48 hours after the created event has elapsed...
We pay out as cash only


What is commission fee ?

Commission fee is the percentage that gift me charges you for every gift item ordered...It is usually a token of 10%....


How Do I Use Giftme ?

Just easy! First you register,then you create an event.. Then you select the gift items from our gift catalogue. Afterwards you share the link of your created events to all friends and family on all of your registered social media platforms..


What kind of event can I create ?

Weddings,birthdays,anniversaries, and any kind of celebratory event can be created

Want to start getting gifts for your Event ?